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We offer a beautiful space to enjoy feel-good golf. We’re a place for first-ever games, golfing lessons, competitions and everything in between.

We’re a place to make excellent look easy. We’re a community of women who share a love of golf, and the magic of the game.

We come together to play, learn, laugh and inspire.

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We’re home to a rather special location in the Norfolk countryside where nature is at its best and you will bring out the best in each other. It’s a place to strengthen your body, focus your mind, and ignite your passion.

We’re about the joyful spirit of active women being nurtured through this timeless game. We’re a place where fun is had, friendships are made, health is nourished, and life is a little more lived.

Learn great golf

As a predominantly social sport, golf is a fabulous way to spend time in the great outdoors enjoying nature’s greatest pleasures. In recent years, participation in women’s golf has more than tripled with now an estimated of 28% of golfers being female. At Royal Norwich, we have made it our primary aim to break any pre-conceived perceptions of the game, offering a warm welcome to all with a relaxed and sociable environment.

To ensure we offer the best possible access to golf, we have created a number of methods in which to be introduced to the game with a structured development plan in place thereafter. Each aspect of this is custom designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities.

For more information and a discussion about what Royal Norwich can offer please contact Neil Lythgoe or Danny Chapman 01603 429928

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Let the good times roll

Patio at The Stables, Royal Norwich

Enjoy connections with other likeminded people and make new friends. Royal Norwich is a course for all ages and proficiencies, and a place to introduce your passion for golf with younger family members.

Create a lasting impression on a client, hold an event, curl up with a book, participate in a member event including floristry workshops and chocolate tastings - and enjoy gathering with friends for brunch dates, all-day grazing, afternoon tea, à la carte dining and après golf cocktails.

For more information please contact us or just drop by.
We hope to see you soon.

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