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Learn and explore the fastest growing racket sport in the world at Royal Norwich

Join our Whatsapp Padel Group giving you access to weekly taster sessions and beginner instruction to give you a friendly start to the how to play the sport.

Group sessions are held and you can book these below, everyone is welcome with support learning about how to play Padel including the rules and also some simple instruction - sessions can be booked below.

If you already play Padel then great! The Social Sessions & WhatsApp Group will give you the opportunity to find playing partners and engage in the playing the sport at Royal Norwich.

By clicking the link below from your mobile device you will be added to the group and information and events will be posted on here or alternativley you can book for one of our group sessions for all abilities to start your Padel Tennis journey at Royal Norwich (or even better both)!

Padel gives a great low impact, high-energy cardio workout. It is similar to tennis but the court size is half the size of a normal tennis court. The court is within an enclosure allowing you to use the sides in attack or when returning.

The ‘padels’ are like large table tennis bats and can give the ball impressive speed. Tennis balls are used – with the pressure slightly reduced to make them softer. But whether you are playing singles or doubles, it is still a demanding sport.



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