Royal Norwich Article in Business Enquirer Magazine
The Future of Golf is In Norfolk's Hands
July 2023

Article Extract
Changing Perceptions in Golf

Since taking on the role of CEO in 2022, one of John’s missions has been to attract a wider demographic of people to the Country Club, as well as the sport in general.

Launching at the Club’s new home in 2019 could feel like unfortunate timing for Royal Norwich. However, the Club saw the pandemic have an inverse effect on the business, being one of the only safe activities people could participate in.

“This has opened the door for the government to consider the positive effect golf can have on people’s mental wellness,” said John, “being outdoors, socialising with others, and the low-impact activity of walking are all known to have positive effects on mental health”.
Royal Norwich is working closely with the R & A (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club) to shift the perception of golf from the “stuffy, retirement sport” of old, to an inclusive sport, open to all.

Opening on its new site just four years ago, Royal Norwich, now based in Weston Longville, Norwich, is taking strides to shape the future of golf, using its facilities and ways of working as a blueprint for the future of golf courses and their accompanying country clubs across the world.

Captaining the various projects at Royal Norwich is CEO John Kerr, who is ensuring the Club is taking a philanthropic, sustainable, and inclusive approach to its development.